Joint Steering Committee endorses cooperation priorities between North Macedonia and the UN for 2021 – 2025

This is an important milestone in the consultation process to ensure alignment of the 2021-2025 SDCF with the national sustainable development priorities.

An extended Joint Steering Committee met today to discuss and endorse strategic priorities and outcomes of the upcoming 2021-2015 North Macedonia UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UN SDCF).

This is an important milestone in the 2021-2025 UN SDCF consultation process to ensure full alignment of the framework with the national sustainable development priorities. Following further consultations in August and September, the Framework will be jointly approved by the UN and the Government of North Macedonia in October.

“The aim of today’s meeting is to exchange our views on the strategic areas of cooperation and desired outcomes for the next five years. What we want to achieve is a change that is sustainable, visible for the final beneficiaries – our citizens, resulting in better legislative framework and more efficient, effective and accountable institutions” said Zoran Popov, state secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia.

UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework is a key strategic document for the UN in North Macedonia, representing the UN development system’s collective offer to support the country in achieving sustainable development goals and Agenda 2030.

“The Cooperation Framework is not merely a core accountability tool between the UN and the Government, but a commitment to the people in the country, particularly the most marginalized and vulnerable. The UN is looking forward to continuing joining forces with the Government over the coming years to bring North Macedonia closer to achieving its development goals”, said Rossana Dudziak, UN Resident Coordinator in North Macedonia.

To ensure that it reflects the interest and priorities of all people in the country, the UN SDCF is developed through a participatory and consultative process, starting with the analysis of the country’s development context, strategic prioritization and its operationalization through annual workplans of UN entities and stakeholders.

The 2021-2025 UN SDCF also reflects the UN Secretary General’s plea for accelerated action to implement Agenda 2030 through a Decade of Action.

Written by
Aleksandar Dimishkovski
Communications and Advocacy Officer
Aleksandar Dimishkovski
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