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17 November 2022 | 8:45am - 3:00pm

New forms of employment in the changing labour market

Conformity of national legal and institutional frameworks with the International Labour Standards (ILS) and the EU acquis is an international obligation of the Republic of North Macedonia as a member of the ILO and a key element of the EU accession negotiations.

This meeting will support the national tripartite discussions and decision making, aiming at aligning labour and industrial relations legislation and practice to the international labour standards and the EU acquis (laws, institutions, best practices).

The meeting will focus on the different forms of employment contracts, their regulation and incidence on the European level. It will offer the opportunity to touch upon the necessity for decent work in the platform economy, and will continue the discussion on different forms of employment contracts and the ideas for their regulation in the Macedonian legislation.


Boulevard Phillip the Second of Macedon 5
1000 Skopje
North Macedonia
17 November 2022 | 8:45am - 3:00pm

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