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PM Spasovski meets UN Resident Coordinator Dudziak: The country is handling the coronavirus pandemic well, UN ready to provide support to the Government and citizens of North Macedonia

26 March 2020

  • At the meeting, measures for controlling the coronavirus pandemic were discussed and it was said that the country is taking all necessary steps to protect the public's health.

The President of the Government of Republic of North Macedonia Oliver Spasovski met with Rossana Dudziak, United Nations Resident Coordinator in the country.

At the meeting, measures for controlling the coronavirus situation were discussed and it was said that the country is taking all necessary steps to protect the public health.

The UN is ready to provide support, where and as needed.

“Whether in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, in accelerating the economic recovery, or in supporting the reforms on the path towards full EU membership, the UN family is ready to provide  support to the Government and to the citizens of the North Macedonia”, says Rossana Dudziak, UN Resident Coordinator in North Macedonia.

She added ”we are in this process together and it is our joint responsibility to work together in the interest of every last citizen of the country, so that in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Agenda, no one is left behind.”

Prime Minister Spasovski thanked Dudziak for the continuously great cooperation with the UN and the UN office in Skopje.

“We will direct, all opportunities and resources, to win this battle. Our highest priority is to protect the health of our citizens and to ensure functionality of the health system. Therefore, we are working hard to provide the necessary support to the medical staff, to proper organization, which is why a Chief Coordination body was formed, where all necessary information from relevant institutions are shared and analyzed, along with experiences from other countries, so that the most effective government decisions are made towards treatment of people carrying the virus. It is important to maintain the economy as well. Thus, all our measures are designed to meet these two goals. We mobilized internal capacities, and we of course welcome the support from our friends from abroad, which is why we are thankful to the EU, to other countries with which we have established cooperation and of course, to the UN, Spasovski said.

The support to other sectors involved in the management of the coronavirus situation, such as the police and other services, was also discussed on the meeting.

Aleksandar Dimishkovski

Aleksandar Dimishkovski

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