PSD Evaluation Report

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) commissioned a final evaluation of the United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD) 2016-2020. The evaluation was conducted by a team of three independent consultants in the period September – November 2019 and focused on the activities, achievements and results of all resident and non-resident UN entities operating in North Macedonia in the period covered by the PSD. Its purpose was, on the one hand, to gather key findings and lessons learned to inform the development of the next cooperation framework and, on the other hand, to support greater accountability of the UN system towards agreed national objectives and priorities.

The PSD was assessed as highly relevant as being:

  • Aligned with the priorities outlined in the Government Programme 2017-2020​
  • In line with and adequately supporting the country’s EU integration agenda and accession criteria​
  • Significant focus on vulnerable groups (women, children, persons with disabilities, migrants, etc.).​
  • Targeting crucial aspects of human and sustainable development​
  • Ownership by national counterparts, including with by government co-financing in certain areas ​
  • Delivering substantial contributions in all regions

Based on the findings, the evaluation report contains five recommendations for action by the UN system in the coming period, related to:

  • Improvement of inter-agency cooperation​
  • Further strengthening of partnerships, including with the Government and with EU​
  • Improvement of the UN Programming approaches and tools related to monitoring and evaluation of programmes, better sustainability of the interventions and diversified financing.

The UN Country Team ​​accepted all five recommendations and developed an evaluation management response action plan, and will monitor and report to the Joint Steering Committee upon its implementation annually.

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