Safe and Innovative Health Services in Times of COVID-19

North Macedonia

Start: 2020-12-31
End: 2022-03-31

The provision of sexual and reproductive health, immunization and gender-based violence support services have dramatically decreased since the outbreak of COVID-19. This project’s main objective is to improve access to these services for women, adolescent girls and children, with a special focus on the most vulnerable population in remote and underserved areas.

The project will introduce innovative health services provided by medical teams in mobile gynecological clinics aimed at improving access to gynecological/obstetrics services; strengthening integrated GBV referral and support, improving immunization coverage and data collection via introduction of digitalized e- immunization registry; and risk communication to immunization- sceptic population and access improve risk communication, as well as raising awareness of women and girls on sexual and reproductive health and gender- based violence. These improved services will address the significant decrease in their provision since the outbreak of COVID-19.

This joint programme is possible thanks to the contributions to the UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund by the governments of Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Republic of Korea, Finland, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, United States of America, Iceland, Croatia, Portugal, Thailand, Slovak Republic, Romania, Cambodia, Cyprus and Philippines

Participating Organizations:

Implementing Partners:
Ministry of Health,
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy,
E-health Directorate,
Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians,
Committee on Safe Motherhood and Healthy Newborn,
Macedonian Medical Association,
Macedonian Association of Nurses and Midwives,
University Clinic of Psychiatry
Civil society organizations

Investing partners: 
UN COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund

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